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Sample Handling System Integration
A reliable and fit-for-purpose sampling system is a critical part of the
Process Analytical Field. condition the sample by removing particulates
and corrosives, and adjusting the pressure, flow rate and temperature
to allow our analyzers to measure the desired component for the optimum accuracy and control.Katalist provides the complete scope of consultation, design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of analyzer sampling systems.
We strive to provide our customers with the most reliable and

Maintenance Service
The reliability and availability of Process Analysers for process monitoring/
control is extremely important in any processing facility. Our
dedicated team of maintenance service engineers is ready to provide
the following maintenance service:

Continuous Emissions Monitoring Solutions (CEMS) mainte
nance service
Process Analysers maintenance service
Sample Handling System maintenance service


Calibration Service
Our team of trained service engineers are ready to assist our customers
to perform calibration services for existing process analysers and
Fire & Gas Detectors on customer site.


Katalist also offers consultation services for our customers with
regards to their Process Analytical and Fire&Gas Detection needs.
Our scope of consultation ranges from Selecting the right technology
platform and/or products for certain process analytical measurement
needs, all the way to Sample Handling System upgrade and recommendation.